Wednesday Evening: The Travel Writer’s Circle @ HI-Boston

Join local travel author Gerry Abbey for an interactive writer’s circle followed by HI-Boston’s midweek cocktail mixer.

Event is free and starts at 7:30pm this Wednesday, September 24th!

Gerry Abbey didn’t plan on becoming a writer when he first set-off on his year-long adventure to rural Taiwan as a Fulbright English teacher. However, over time he collected page after page of journal entries, reflecting on his time traveling. After his return he made a conscious decision to transform his writings into a cohesive and engaging travel memoir. Join Gerry for a relaxed and interactive conversation about the process of travel writing and what makes us hit the road. This event is geared towards all those who write and travel, from aspiring bloggers to published authors. The travel writers circle begins in HI-Boston’s Community Room, where writing topics & prompts will guide the conversations. Feel free to continue the conversation over drinks at local Asian Fusion bar Shojo. For more information about Gerry, his book, and his adventures, be sure to visit his website



About Gerry Abbey

Gerry Abbey, originally from Blue Pell, PA outside Philadelphia, was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to teach English as a foreign language in Taiwan in 2004. After accruing hundreds of pages of journal entries, he began to outline his story by selecting his favorite and least favorite experiences to develop a cohesive memoir about his life’s transition. In the fall of 2005, he moved to Taipei and continued teaching for another year before returning home in the summer of 2006. In 2009, he moved from Philadelphia to Boston, MA for a job as a cost of living surveyor, which afforded him global travel for five to six months of the year. Using the inspiration that came from this new profession, he reworked his memoir until he found himself unable to edit the work down any further. After connecting with an editor, he was able to fine-tune his book into a tight and gripping story. By the late fall of 2013, he completed the process with a copy editor and graphic designer to produce the final product we know and love today.

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